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Expression Tees hopes to enlarge its production capacity by acquiring a new facility in Pennsylvania. The move came in response to increasing growth, and expectations of huge demand for the company’s clothing in the Christmas shopping season.

Expression Tees is a clothing and accessories retailer which was founded in 2015. Though it specializes in printed shirts and hoodies emblazoned with references to popular culture, they also carry jewelry, backpacks and even metal grinders. Over the last two years, the company expanded rapidly from its base in New York as its products took the market by a storm.

The company recently announced the purchase of a new premises in Exton, a town in neighboring  Pennsylvania. The acquisition could be seen as a natural consequence of the company’s aggressive growth. But it is, in fact, a prudent measure in the face of the forecasted surge in demand that often precedes the winter holidays. With Expression Tees’ latest promotion, which offers 10 % off and free shipping on purchases exceeding $50, this will simply  encourage  more  orders. Nevertheless, the  retailer’s  expanded capacity  will be  more  than suffcient to cater to  the  increased demand for their products.

The holiday rush is a lucrative opportunity for retailers, and they often introduce new products to take advantage of the shopping frenzy. But Expression Tees newest warehouse will enable them stay ahead of their competitors. The retailer intends to use the extra storage capacity to offer more varied T-shirts with hundreds of new designs. From African-American inspired Hoodies and T-shirts to Tees and Sweatshirts decorated with Feminist slogans, the retailer will have clothing that appeals to a much broader range of tastes. In addition to these standard offerings, Expression Tees has launched a new website to promote it’s line of Ugly Christmas Sweater inspired sweatshirts for the holiday. A Spokesperson for the retailer commented on these developments:

“Indeed, the launch of this new line of Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts is a promising step forward for our company. And I would like to tell our customers that they will not be disappointed with our new, funny designs. On a separate note, we are excited to begin working with talented individuals from the Exton community, whose efforts will certainly assist us in creating the most value for our customers.”

This bold move by Expression Tees to expand should help them continue their growth in the very crowded clothing and apparel niche. So far, they’ve built a successful brand on Amazonand are excited to show off more of their clothing to as many people as possible.

About the Company

Expression Tees is a clothing and accessories retailer which was founded in 2015. The Company is based in Exton, Pa.