September 24, 2016


False Eye Lashes seem to be the hottest trend, and we're not just talking about falsies that extend your natural eye lashes. There are so many creative looks you can make, that allow you to strut your stuff with something as unique as you are. From big colorful feathers, to spooky Halloween Scene Eyelashes, you are sure to find something you can use to dress up your eyes.

1. Complete your makeup, but save your eyeliner and mascara until after your false lashes are on. The lashes will adhere better to 'naked' lashes rather than lashes with mascara already applied

2. Carefully peel the lashes from the packet - be careful to not get the left and right sides mixed up, as each one is shaped according to each eye. Usually the outer end of the lash for the outer corners of the eye is longer in length. They will be slightly tacky on the "string" of them already. To set them into a curled shape and make them easier to apply, try holding them around a makeup brush for a minute or so to set in the curled shape.

3. Hold the false eyelashes up to your own to make sure they fit. If they are too long, you can trim off the outer ends of the lash to fit your eye.

4. You can squeeze your glue directly onto the string of the lash, but try not to create a mess. A better method may be to squeeze some glue onto the back of your hand and try running the string through it, making sure that there is enough glue on each end. Yu will need to wait about 15-20 seconds for the glue to become a little tacky before you apply your lashes

5. Line up the centre of the false lash with the centre of your own lash, as you gently rest the string of the fake lash against your own lash bed. You will want the string of the flase lash to sit naturally with your own eyelash line. You will need to hold the ends down onto the corners of the eye for 5-10 seconds until they are in place.Avoid too much movement or blinking while you let them dry.

6. Finish the look with your eyeliner along the lash bed, and use the mascara to allow your natural eyelashes to mesh in with your falsies beautifully.

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