Fun video clips to show off some of our favorite T-shirts and Hoodies

Fun video clips to show off some of our favorite T-shirts and Hoodies

July 30, 2016

T-shirt Video Clips - A fun experiment

We had a little bit of time, and some creative people we were working with - what better way to have some fun then to get the team working on creating some concept "ads" for T-shirts?

Black Lives Matter

I'll admit, there really is no practical use for these. Just a series of clever videos highlighting some of our most popular designs over the years. Take our Black Lives Matter clip for example:

 Nothing too fancy here. Just showing a simple, elegant T-shirt with big bold letters on it that reads "Black Lives Matter", set to an angsty, protest-worthy track. We thought it was a good attempt at getting people to #StayWoke. 


Game of Thrones

The staff at Expression Tees has always been a fan of the HBO show "Game of Thrones", from the very first episode. We're not one of those that jumped on the bandwagon halfway through season 3, after the entire world was talking about dragons, red weddings and white walkers. Oh no. We were right there at S:1E:1. And while we didn't think enough to start creating shirts from day one, we definitely wised up and got on that wagon... and we've had a lot of fun doing it too.

This show is soooo quotable, and has such a rich world with so many likable characters, it's almost impossible not to come up with a bunch of awesome Game of Thrones Tees. Our very first was "I am the God Of Tits and Wine", a now-famous quote from our favorite Westorosi Imp, Tyrion Lannister.

And who can forget the end of Season 5, when Jon Snow was knifed by all his fellow Crows of the Nights Watch, including that little bastard Olly. After the verdict was in on Reddit, and "Fuck Olly" became a trending topic, we thought it would make a suitable shirt:

 We have a bunch more Game of Thrones clips you can see also, just check out our YouTube page for more.


I cam to Slay, Bitch! The word "slay" has become so popular recently, popping up in music, movies, and even being used to say how dope someone is by appending it to a name like "Slaylor Swift". Well, we didn't think just having a series of "SLAY" clothing and apparel was enough, so what did we do? You guessed it - a video showing off our Slay Hoodies and Sweatshirts:

 We've got a ton of Slay t-shirts available, including our popular I Slay All Day and the I Slay with Middle Fingers in the air. It's so popular, we even created some custom jewelry complete with crown gift box - For Slay Queens only:

Slay Gold Necklace

 We've got a lot more T-shirt video clips to see! Check them out on our YouTube page, or keep watching this article for updates as add some more of our popular designs here...

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