Different Ways to Incorporate a Basic Tee in Your Summer Outfits

May 20, 2016

Different Ways to Incorporate ExpressionTees in Your Summer Outfits

If you like expressing yourself with t-shirts, you need to stock up with products from Expression Tees. Since summer is just around the corner, it’s time for you to start building your summer wardrobe. Tees are a must have summer essential and today we will be sharing with you a few different ways on how you can incorporate ExpressionTess in your everyday summer outfits. Keep reading to find that out!

  1. As a Swimsuit Cover: Yep that is very much possible! What you can do is get your hands on a size or two larger than your own to make this idea work. This can be a quick, easy and cute cover up for your swimsuit. If you are heading somewhere else after the beach, this t-shirt cover up will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to completely change your outfit. Our ‘No time for Fuckboyz’ slouchy off the shoulder sweatshirt is the perfect fit for this particular idea.


  1. The Knotted T-shirt: If you want to add a really laid back and cute vibe to your outfit, the knotted t-shirt look is what you need to do. All you really have to do is tug your tee to one side and tie a little knot. What this will do is add a really stylish look to a simple tee, plus you get a chance to show a little bit of your tummy. We have lots of graphic tees that can work well with this look, but the ‘Savage’ women’s t-shirt will be a perfect choice for this modish idea. You can pair this t-shirt idea with shorts, skirt or jeans; whatever your heart desires!


  1. Maxi Skirts: Since maxi skirts are really popular for summer time, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to wear them with tees. Since summer is all about fun colors and prints, it’s better that you go for a bright colored or printed maxi skirt because it will go really well with a tee. If you follow this idea, our ‘Stress does not go with my outfit’ women’s t-shirt would be the perfect fit.

  1. Comfy and Cute Cotton Shorts: There is nothing more comfortable than those cute little cotton shorts. They are a summer must have just like t-shirts. Combine both these together and you come up with the perfect summer inspired outfit idea. Our ‘pajamas all day’ women’s t-shirt would look great with a pair of shorts like these since they are also known as the ‘pajama’ shorts. You can get some sarcasm going around your entire outfit.


Try these trendy and cute summer inspired outfit ideas with Expression Tees and see for yourself just how good you look!


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