Men's & Women's Energy Stone Buddha Mala Bracelets

Size Guide

All Expression JewelryTM bracelets feature a comfortable stretch band, to fit children and adults alike.

Tigers Eye Buddha Wrist Mala- Also known as Cat's Eye, Falcon's Eye or Hawk's Eye. Tigers Eye is used to bring clear thinking and insight

Howlite Buddha Wrist Mala- Howlite is a super-calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds, and makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.

Lava Stone Buddha Wrist Mala- Basalt Lava Stones are said to be grounding and able to calm the emotions, as well as grounding the root chakra due to it's strong connection to the Earth

Turquoise Buddha Wrist Mala- One of the oldest protection amulets, Turquoise is said to offer strength, protection from harm and psychic sensitivity, as well as providing a connection to the spirtual world.

Sky Blue Quartz Buddha Wrist Mala- A soothing and stress-relief stone, our beautiful sky blue quartz bracelets offer peace and tranquility.

Dzi Bead Buddha Wrist Mala- The Dzi bead is said to provide positive spiritual energy, and is a sometimes called the "Bead of Light".

Many of these stones also are said to have healing properties. For example,Howliteis said to relieve insomnia and strengthen teeth and bones, whileTurquoiseclaims to detoxify, neutralizing acidity and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Enchanting Wrist Malas are fully adjustable to fit all sized wrists - for Men, Women, Kids and Children
  • Perfect for meditation, malas are typically used to focus your attention, to keep your mind off of the distractions of thought.
  • Our Gemstone Yoga Chakra bracelets are made from beautiful stones sourced all over the world - from Tibet, India and China
  • Bead sizes range from 8mm - 10mm, and come in a variety of color options. Please read below for a full description of each bracelet.
  • Exclusively from Expression Jewelry®, each Stone Wrist Bracelet comes packaged in it's own velvet jewelry bag, to store and protect your mala.

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